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Helios Staking: Q1 2024 in Review

By 21 April 2024No Comments

2024 has been an exciting time for Helios Staking with a number of new developments in the first part of the year.

With the growth and proliferation of Web3 continuing, Helios are excited to be at the forefront of the industry as staking providers for MultiversX and Injective.

At Helios we are continuously looking for opportunities to add value to the MultiversX and Injective ecosystems, along with the wider Web3 community.

Let’s reflect on some of the most interesting things that happened so far in 2024 at Helios Staking 👇

Welcome Lukas Seel 👋

We were delighted to welcome Lukas Seel as our Strategic Development and Partnership Lead. Lukas has extensive experience in the Web3 space and brings a plethora of experience and enthusiasm to this role.

Lukas is primarily working on something unique that Helios will be delivering in Q3 2024, so keep your eyes and ears open for more on that soon! 👀

Helios Horizons 🎙️

Helios Staking is committed to the mission of financial inclusion on a global scale, and part of this mission is to create education and awareness about the potential of blockchain and Web3.

That’s why we are excited to unveil the Helios Horizons series that will be hosted on X and post-produced as a podcast series.

We have already welcomed a couple of exciting guests in Ep.1 and Ep.2, with more compelling conversations in the pipeline.

Listen back to the first conversations by clicking the speaker cards below 👇

Ep.0: Kevin, JB & Lukas – Helios Staking Team

In this episode, Kevin Lydon, JB Carthy & Lukas Seel discuss the mission for Helios Horizons and their journey to date in Web3.

Ep.1: Dr. Rebekka Revel – Founder of Superteam Germany

In this episode Dr. Rebekka Revel chats with Lukas Seel and shares her journey in Web3 and the art of building a community as part of her work with Superteam Germany.

Ep.2: Mirza Uddin – Business Development at Injective

In this episode, Mirza Uddin joins Lukas Seel to discuss the past, present and future of Injective, and their values as a team.

Injective Volan Mainnet Upgrade 🥷

Injective kicked off 2024 strong with the Volan Mainnet Upgrade bringing ‘​​the world’s first native real world asset infrastructure, enhancing scalability, expanding interoperability, and introducing novel burn capabilities, alongside a myriad of groundbreaking enhancements’

Helios Staking were proud to support this upgrade and continue to support Injective’s mission to redefine the future of finance through blockchain and Web3.

Vapor Republic – Community Staking on MultiversX 🏛️

Helios Staking is partnered with Vapor Republic to deliver the infrastructural backbone to their community-led staking on MultiversX.

This is a first of its kind initiative that delivers the financial opportunity of running validator notes, without the individual needing to burden themselves with infrastructural costs or minimum node requirements.

Vapor Republic has experienced tremendous growth in recent months, delivering over 2x the APR of traditional EGLD delegation to SFT holders on a monthly basis.

Helios Staking/Vapor Republic: Staking and NFT dApp 📱

Behind the scenes, we have been working to develop a dApp that allows our community to seamlessly manage their staked EGLD, INJ and NFT collections from one convenient dashboard. It will serve as your one-stop shop for all things Helios Staking related.

It will eventually allow users to monitor and manage their staked EGLD or INJ with Helios Staking or their staked EGLD with Vapor Republic, redeem Vapor Republic SFTs for the staked EGLD and keep track of pending and collected staking and NFT rewards, all while keeping up with all the latest news in the Helios Staking community.

Check out a preview by clicking the post below 👇

MultiversX Staking v4: Battle Of Stake ⚔️

Both Helios Staking and Vapor Republic are committed to the progressive decentralisation of MultiversX which is taking a significant step forward thanks to the planned implementation of Staking V4.

To help test and prepare the network for this upgrade, both Helios Staking and Vapor Republic took part in the Battle of Stakes.

On the technological and infrastructural level, Helios Staking and Vapor Republic both took part in the Battle of Stake on testnet to stress test the upgrade.

On the community side, Vapor Republic shared content about Staking v4 with the community to help them understand the significant benefits it will bring towards progressive decentralisation.

About Helios Staking 💡

Helios Staking provides established and trusted Proof-Of-Stake delegation services for the MultiversX and Injective blockchains and their communities of delegators. Delivered and led by experienced industry professionals, Helios have a proven track record of delivering exceptionally reliable Proof-of-Stake services that delegators can trust.

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