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Proteo: Getting Started

By 7 March 2024March 10th, 2024No Comments

Proteo: Getting Started

Proteo are a one stop DeFi experience for MultiversX offering a comprehensive suite of functions and features backed by their ultra-scarce utility token PROTEO.

At Proteo, you can invest in a large part of the MultiversX ecosystem with just one click, without needing to understand the complexity of or interact with other protocols in the MultiversX ecosystem.

Proteo simplifies yield on MultiversX. 🔥

Users can stake PROTEO to earn sPROTEO that offers access to unique opportunities such as boosted farms, elite raffles and the innovative smart orders feature that allows users to set buy orders with funds deposited in their farms – without needing to unstake or remove.

Enabling and empowering users with complete control over their DeFi experience.

This Getting Started video series aims to provide you with everything you need to know to begin navigating PROTEO like a pro while getting the most from everything they have to offer!

Introduction to Proteo

Swap & Stake your PROTEO

Advanced Features: Autostaking, Raffles & Smart Orders