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MultiversxNFTProject Spotlight

Project X: Multiversx Project Spotlight

By 4 February 2024No Comments

💡 Welcome to another Helios Staking Project Spotlight.

🎨 Today let’s check in with Project X who recently sold out their Sub-DAO Divergent Club mint before it even got to reach public sale.

🤖 Divergent Club is led by DAO leader @offheadharry and they are build around the values of gaming, adventure and community with some unique initiatives for their community of holders.

🔥 Project X offer a suite of game-changing products that empower communities MultiversX including their innovative in-wallet staking feature that they have developed for ‘Subject’ holders to earn DNA with minimal fuss.

🎨 Their initial collection of Subjects features clean PFPs in unique & colourful styles paying homage to EGLD with some clever designs such as ‘X Masks’ in their recently upgraded collection, you can upgrade your original Subject with DNA and a Capsule.

🧬 $DNA is how the @ProjectX_DAO team pass revenue share to holders and each upgraded Subject earns 14 $DNA daily that is claimable through their slick dApp. 🤩

📱 They integrated DNA as a core token in the xPortal App giving exposure to the wider MultiversX community and enabling seamless in-wallet swaps.

🏛️ Over with Vapor Republic we use their ‘Saturn’ Discord Bot and it has proved a valuable addition to managing our community space with xPortal wallet verification, listing bots and more important features such as whitelisting tools also integrated. 

⚡ Their products are reasonably priced and not only that, but a share of all revenue is passed back to the community through their DNA token as previously mentioned. 💪

🪂 After their recent Divergent Club mint, the team airdropped DNA to some popular and significant MultiversX communities to build a collaborative spirit in the NFT space and encourage people to step into the Project X community.

⚒️ Their attentions are turning to the development of ‘Saturn v2’ and we can’t wait to see what new features they have in store for us and other communities on MultiversX.

🚀 Well done to @AnduTabacu, @tuslaw_x0x, @CyberSpartanX and the rest of the team for setting an incredible example of how to build an incredible NFT community from the ground up. We recommend people check out what they are building for themselves 💪

⚡️ Buy your Project X on XOXNO here

⚡️ Buy your Divergent Club on XOXNO here