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Getting Started with Hatom: Video Series

By 2 February 2024April 7th, 2024No Comments

As a liquidity hub for MultiversX, Hatom stands at the forefront of cutting-edge DeFi solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of liquidity solutions for the MultiversX and wider DeFi communities.

At the heart of Hatom lies its commitment to liquidity provision and financial empowerment. Through its advanced features, users gain access to a range of opportunities to unlock the power of their digital assets, including liquid staking for EGLD, along with lending and borrowing functionalities for a range of assets such as EGLD, USDC, USDT, and beyond. This versatility not only enhances the liquidity of supported assets but also amplifies the earning potential for participants within the ecosystem.

Central to Hatom’s ecosystem is its native governance token, HTM. HTM plays a pivotal role in amplifying user engagement and utility. Stakers of HTM in their Hatom Boost benefit from additional rewards, thereby amplifying their participation and influence within the protocol. Moreover, with an upcoming algorithmic stablecoin, USH, in the pipeline, the utility of HTM is set to soar to unprecedented heights. Excitingly, HTM boost stakers stand to reap additional rewards through an exclusive airdrop, subject to specific eligibility criteria.

Enjoy our video series tailored to get you started on your journey with Hatom. Our series is designed to equip you with the basic insights and strategies necessary to begin your journey on Hatom. From comprehensive tutorials on leveraging liquid staking to navigating the intricacies of lending and borrowing, our videos promise to help you unlock the opportunities that are possible with Hatom.

Unlock the Liquidity of Staked EGLD


Supply Collateral to Earn Rewards

Maximising the HTM Booster

Borrowing on Hatom

Earn >30% APR on Stablecoins