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Getting Started on Helix

By 24 March 2024No Comments

Helix: Getting Started

Helix are the premier decentralised spot and perp crypto exchange built on Injective.

With incredible speeds and negligible costs, Helix provided a next-level trading experience for novices and experts alike.

On Helix you can explore limitless financial possibilities with unmatched access to financial primitives, endless on-chain gateways and true institutional liquidity available.

They have integrated a wide range of spot and perp markets including INJ, BTC, ETH, SOL, TIA, ARB and more.

This Getting Started video series aims to provide you with everything you need to begin navigating Helix like a pro & covering everything you need to know to start your trading journey on Helix today!

Making a Swap on Helix

Trading Spot Markets on Helix

Perp Trading on Helix

Setting up a Grid Trading Bot on Helix

Managing your Trades on Helix