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Powering The Internet of Tomorrow

Enterprise level blockchain infrastructure fueling the Web3 revolution.

Stress-Free Staking

Helios Staking provides established and trusted Proof-Of-Stake delegation services for the MultiversX and Injective blockchains and their communities of delegators. Delivered and led by experienced industry professionals, Helios have a proven track record of delivering exceptionally reliable Proof-of-Stake services that delegators can trust.


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Join the Web3 Revolution

Easily get started by staking your coins on Multiversx or Injective for attractive year on year returns.

Staking You Can Trust

Experienced and Trusted Team

Helios Staking are an established and trusted staking provider with years of blockchain experience.

Industry-Leading Infrastructure

Helios operate and maintain their staking infrastructure in-line with industry-leading standards.

Carefully Chosen Staking Opportunities

Helios only offer carefully chosen and well-researched opportunities to delegators.

Dedicated Community Support

The Helios team are always ready to offer support to our community through Discord and Telegram.

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